Tablets and Technology

Alleviating Isolation in Holocaust Survivors

Volunteers are needed to teach Holocaust survivors the basics of using an to do a simple internet search, how to take a photo with its camera, use email, video chat using Skype or Facetime, and more.


The Tablets and Technology: Alleviating Isolation in Holocaust Survivors project teaches Russian- and English-speaking Holocaust survivors, many of whom live at 200% of the poverty level or below, how to use a variety of tablet-based programs to stay connected to friends, family, and the world. While also respecting their need for independence, this project teaches them how to communicate and interact with the world electronically through email and video chats.


Along with people who speak English, our biggest need is volunteers who speak and read Russian, as most of our survivors are from the Former Soviet Union


The program consists of 1 one-on-one session per week for 8 weeks in the participant’s home at a day and time mutually agreed upon by the senior and the volunteer. Sessions last about  1 -1 ½ hours. In addition to the 8 sessions is a welcoming event and a closing event/graduation. Both of these events are attended by the participants and volunteers. There is also an orientation meeting for the volunteers.


We have software on the tablet that helps with the instruction and a detailed curriculum detailing what needs to be taught. We also have some tips on teaching one-on-one. Plus our staff is available for any help you may need. The tablets we will be using are iPads. When the participants successfully finish the program, they get to keep the iPad. We are also supplying free internet for one year. 


For more information or to sign up to be a volunteer, contact Sherry Kaplan:


Read more about the Tablets and Technology project.


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