Domestic Violence Prevention Education and Support

Jewish Family Service works to combat domestic violence and sexual assault by raising awareness in the larger Cincinnati community, training professional service providers, prevention educators, teachers, clergy, and other professionals to identify and respond appropriately to survivors, and providing case management to survivors seeking support.


The goals of our Domestic Violence Prevention program are to: 

  1. raise awareness that unhealthy relationships and abuse can happen in any community, culture, religion, socio-economic group, or family
  2. teach community members to recognize the signs of an abusive relationship and ways to respond and/or help a friend
  3. to enhance knowledge of professional staff on topics related to domestic violence and sexual assault
  4. to connect survivors and those currently at risk to community resources  

Domestic Violence Awareness in the Jewish Community: Jewish Family Service provides Domestic Violence awareness programs throughout the Jewish community and is available to speak to your group or organization. Programs include women’s seders, film showings, focus groups and discussions about healthy and unhealthy relationships. These programs are supported in part by NCJW. For more information or to volunteer, please contact Linda Kean at 766-3318. 


We also collaborate with the national organization Jewish Women International (JWI), whose mission is to empower women and girls – through economic literacy; community training; healthy relationship education; and the proliferation of women’s leadership. Our innovative programs, advocacy and philanthropic initiatives protect the fundamental rights of all girls and women to live in safe homes, thrive in healthy relationships, and realize the full potential of their personal strength. For more information about JWI:

Community-based classes

Jewish Family Service offers Teen Dating Violence Prevention Education (TDVP) and Bullying Prevention programs in the Jewish community for students of all ages and for parents. In-service trainings are available for teachers and camp counselors. The programs help teens and their parents recognize dating violence, warning signs of an abusive relationship, the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships, and how to locate community resources and support. 


Topics include:

  • How to Identify Warning Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship
  • How to Help a Friend who is experiencing dating violence
  • Understanding Gender Stereotypes which addresses gender roles in our society and media images that can contribute to unrealistic expectations in dating relationships.
  • Power and Control in Relationships
  • Why Do People Stay in Unhealthy Relationships?
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Healthy Communication
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Dating

For more information about Teen Dating Violence Prevention, contact Debi Varland: 513-469-1188,


Jewish Family Service collaborates with Family Violence Prevention Project  to increase awareness and prevent domestic abuse


Additional resources about Teen Dating Violence Prevention:

National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline ( 866.331.9474

Family Violence Prevention Project:

YWCA Hotline: 888.872.9259

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233

Ohio Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-934-9840


National Council of Jewish Women:

Jewish Women International:


The "In-Stall" Awareness Project

DVASH spreads awareness of domestic violence by placing posters and cards with emergency phone numbers in the stalls of Jewish community women's restrooms. This Domestic Violence "InStall Awareness" project is funded by the Jewish Women’s Endowment Fund of Jewish Federation of Greater Cincinnati.   Signs of a Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationship


Community Speaker Events

Cecilia Peck, Director of Brave Miss World, will share with the community how this inspiring documentary about the brutal rape of former Miss World, Linor Abargil, can help change the world and the way society views sexual assault and rape. She will share Linor’s story and how she fought at a time when most victims would retreat in shame, became an Israeli lawyer and global advocate in the fight against sexual violence. Learn more.


Joshua Safran shared his harrowing yet wryly funny story on October 27, 2015 of his unconventional journey from his childhood living in the wilderness with his flower-child mother to becoming a nationally recognized zealous advocate for survivors of domestic violence and the wrongfully imprisoned. Safran was featured in the award-winning documentary Crime After Crime, and author of the critically acclaimed memoir, FREE SPIRIT: Growing Up On the Road and Off the GridLearn more 

Take a Stand

Bullying and abuse affects everybody. In March 2010, Jewish Family Service hosted internationally recognized author, educator and filmmaker Jackson Katz, PhD for a 3-day scholar-in-residence program to raise awareness about ways to prevent abuse. Learn more

Rabbi Mark Dratch from JSAFE, a national organization dedicated to reducing domestic violence in the Jewish community, spoke to the community in 2008 and provided workshops for communal professionals. For more information on JSAFE's services:

Community Seders

Two community seders (one for Passover, April 2006, and one for Tu B’Shevat, February 2007) helped raise awareness and provided opportunities for healing.  The seders reached out to advocates, victims, and survivors of domestic violence to support one another in looking with hope toward a brighter future.


The Women's Seders are available to be replicated through congregations and Jewish women’s organizations throughout Greater Cincinnati.  For more information, contact Linda Kean, 513-469-1188.

Counseling Services

Jewish Family Service social workers can help someone in an abusive relationship with support and referrals. Call 513-469-1188 for information.

Pin It On

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Jewish Family Service is a co-sponsor in a community coalition asking you to wear a purple ribbon to:

  • Remember Domestic Violence Homicide victims
  • Celebrate the courage of survivors and their families
  • Provide hope, information, and services to individuals living with abuse

Learn more about the community coalition activities.