Vital Services Support

Barbash Family Vital Support Center

3113 Clifton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45220  513-766-3370

Jewish Family Service offers a unique holistic approach to promote wellness and stability to families experiencing poverty, hunger and mental illness by combining a food pantry, case management, and peer-based socialization activities under one roof at its Barbash Family Vital Support Center. Learn more about our Barbash Family Vital Support Center

a food pantry to end hunger, case management to promote stability, peer-based socialization to encourage wellness and recovery.

Heldman Family Food Pantry

Jewish Family Service's Heldman Family Food Pantry is the source for free food, personal and household care items for individuals experiencing financial difficulties in the Greater Cincinnati Jewish community and our neighbors who live in the Clifton neighborhood.  Learn more


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Emergency Financial Assistance

Limited funds are available for emergency assistance during a crisis. Jewish Family Service emergency funds may pay a past due utility bill to keep a home heated during the cold winter months; buy necessary medicine or medical treatment that may save a life; pay a month's rent to prevent homelessness; help with transportation costs to allow a parent to get to work; or cover any other unexpected expense that may just be critical to that individual's or family's well-being.  

Homelessness Support

For the past three years Jewish Family Service has been part of a federally funded program, the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Program, as one of six United Way funded agencies to help people who are at imminent risk for homelessness.


The federal HUD funding is winding down, but we have been selected as one of five agencies to continue on as part of the Shelter Diversion Program under contract with Strategies to End Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Program. Call 513-469-1188 for information.


Our work in case management is the major component of each of these Federally funded assistance programs.

Case Management

Sometimes a job loss, illness, or change in family situation can be so overwhelming, an individual may need professional guidance. Case Management at Jewish Family Service fosters independence and self reliance, re-engagement  with community, and improved independent living skills. Our case managers help clients navigate the complex system of government and private programs for supplemental income, housing assistance, and services such as counseling, medical care, mental health care, and others. Without the assistance of a case manager, many qualified people are denied benefits...or they give up trying.


Jewish Mental Health Case Management

Jewish Mental Health Case Management provides case management services to Jewish individuals who are severely mentally ill including Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder [Manic Depression], Recurrent Major Depression / Dysthymic Disorder, and Severe Anxiety Disorders.  Jewish Family Service case managers help these individuals navigate the social service system as well as the larger community to promote self-sufficiency and also inclusion within the Jewish community.


Dr. Samuel S. Rockwern Passover Delivery of Jewish Family Service

Dr. Samuel S. Rockwern Passover Delivery of Jewish Family Service delivers Passover food to over 400 Jewish individuals and families who would otherwise be unable to afford to celebrate the holiday. Learn more about the Passover delivery.

Jewish Family Service gives hope to struggling famlies.

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Video of a Thank you from Vital Services clients

Video of the path taken to build the Vital Support Center