Senior Adult Checklists...

Sometimes you just don't know where to begin...or you wonder if you are missing signs that should concern you or your loved one. The following checklists can help.

Checklist of aging concerns Use the following checklist to help you categorize the types of concerns you are having with your aging loved one.


Checklist for geriatric depression   This is a screening tool designed specifically for older adults who may need further evaluation for depression.

Discharge Planning Checklist Returning home after leaving the hospital or nursing home? Be prepared with this checklist  prepared by the Department of Health & Human Services

Checklist for Home Safety A home safe from hazards is key to maintaining independence. Reaching too far for shampoo or having a beautiful, yet slippery rug, can cause anyone to fall, but may be especially dangerous for an older adult.  Use this checklist to make sureall the rooms in your home are safe.

Dementia and Alzheimer's Assessment Checklist  Have your physician or health provider fill out this form from the Alzheimer's Association web site to help you, the caregiver, provide the appropriate care.

Nursing Home Comparison Checklist Comparing nursing homes can be overwhelming. Are you asking the right questions? This list by medicare can help.