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Jewish Family Service · 09. September 2020
“In terms of who may be in need of our help, we have seen COVID-19 affecting people across our community,” said Jewish Family Service CEO Liz Vogel. “There are so many people who have been impacted who do not know where to go for help.” According to the 2019 Cincinnati Jewish Community Study, 28 percent of Jewish households have insufficient savings for three months to cover unexpected or emergency expenses.

Jewish Family Service · 27. May 2020
When a longtime client of Jewish Family Service was nearing the end of his life, his social worker made sure his family was there virtually, despite COVID-19 restrictions.

Jewish Family Service · 12. May 2020
“It seemed like a perfect synergy of Jewish organizations,” said Alexis. “My twin six-year-old girls love to do art, and the Connect Project was a perfect way for them to help brighten someone’s day.” The Connect Project was initiated by Jewish Family Service (JFS) when PJ Library and The Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center approached JFS about ways they could help connect with Holocaust survivors and other seniors during this time of social distancing. Soon after,...

Jewish Family Service · 27. April 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful and unsettling for many people, but it has been particularly challenging for those already suffering from food insecurity. Recently, dozens of determined Jewish Family Service (JFS) volunteers and staff spent time preparing for and participating in the in the 22nd annual Dr. Samuel S. Rockwern Passover Delivery Project of Jewish Family Service. . Perhaps inspired by a desire to fulfill a mitzvah (commandment), the dedicated individuals helping with this

Jewish Family Service · 27. April 2020
When Barry Strum’s children were little, he didn’t spend much time thinking about his family lineage or his Jewish legacy. However, he does remember one day, in particular, when the strong familial connection from his father, Benjamin Strum, to his son, Benjamin Strum, came through in a profound way. Like any memory, it would come to soften and lose clarity with time. That is, until years later, when the younger Benjamin unexpectedly died in his sleep at the age of 38, and that day from decades

Jewish Family Service · 22. April 2020
Seven students gather for their weekly ESOL—English for Speakers of Other Languages—class. Jewish Family Service (JFS) has hosted the class for Russian speakers every Monday at the Mayerson JCC for years, but the stay-at-home order due to the COVID-19 outbreak changed the routine, and many were left to wonder what was going to become of the class.

Jewish Family Service · 17. April 2020
In this unprecedented time that we find ourselves living today, the challenges are great, and our ability to cope is compromised. We want to provide some ideas to help guide us through these next few weeks knowing it can’t last forever.

Jewish Family Service · 07. April 2020
It is usually counterintuitive to depict the home as an unsafe space. People generally associate home with comfort, quarantine with safety from outside elements. Now more than ever, we are being encouraged to stay at home and avoid outside exposure. The experience of stress that family members report when being confined together for extended amounts of time typically falls within normal range. But for victims of domestic abuse, the experience of being quarantined with their abusive partner poses

Jewish Family Service · 23. March 2020
Brain health is something most people tend to take for granted. When brains are functioning as they should, the average person does not think about ways to improve or avoid harming our brains. Yet, when a problem with cognitive skills or memory develops, many wish they had known more about brain health techniques.

Jewish Family Service · 20. February 2020
It can be difficult for families or individuals living on a limited budget to afford the high cost of Passover food. However, the Dr. Samuel S. Rockwern Passover Delivery Project of Jewish Family Service makes it easier to experience this important holiday meal.

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