Aging and Caregivers · 18. September 2020
COVID-19 has changed nearly every aspect of our lives, and for some of the people in our community, those changes could be deadly. That’s why Jewish Family Service (JFS) quickly transitioned most programming online to continue its mission. JFS is committed to strengthening people’s lives in times of need, as well as supporting senior community members. As information about COVID-19 became available this spring, it became clear that seniors were the most vulnerable in terms of physical...

Jewish Family Service · 09. September 2020
“In terms of who may be in need of our help, we have seen COVID-19 affecting people across our community,” said Jewish Family Service CEO Liz Vogel. “There are so many people who have been impacted who do not know where to go for help.” According to the 2019 Cincinnati Jewish Community Study, 28 percent of Jewish households have insufficient savings for three months to cover unexpected or emergency expenses.

Aging and Caregivers · 01. September 2020
In 1985, Miriam Yenkin was nominated president of the Jewish Federation of Columbus (now JewishColumbus) and, upon her acceptance, became the first woman to serve in that role. Before, during, and after her time as president—for 60 years, in fact—Yenkin has been passionate about her community, and over the decades has developed strong and enduring connections with it. So it was an unusual and discomforting feeling for her when, earlier this year, she didn’t know where to turn for help.

Aging and Caregivers · 24. August 2020
Sherry was naturally devasted when her father died. But almost immediately, she was comforted knowing that her mother was surrounded by supportive and loving friends—friends who had known and appreciated her dad because he and Sherry’s mom had moved into a continuous care retirement community two years earlier. Elizabeth Mefford, Director of Marketing and Admissions at Cedar Village, says she hears stories like Sherry’s (a pseudonym) all the time.

Aging and Caregivers · 30. July 2020
From the moment the coronavirus arrived, StarPoint began developing new strategies to better ensure safety for clients and caregivers in this anxious time. Safety has always been a major emphasis for StarPoint, and since the early days of the outbreak, a number of new protocols have been vetted, tested, and implemented. One outcome was to convert StarPoint’s live, monthly training sessions into virtual events as productive and engaging as those formerly held in person.

Aging and Caregivers · 29. July 2020
When the global pandemic became a local concern, the physical health of our elderly was paramount in the minds of the community. However, the remedy of isolation created problems of its own. Older adults rely heavily on area programming to boost comradery and enhance their emotional well-being. So, the lockdowns that were intended to protect the health of our aging population simultaneously threatened their connections to friends, family, and the community.

16. July 2020
Jewish Family Service is proud to announce Meredith Davis as the new Center for Holocaust Survivors Director. In this role, she will supervise care management staff, administer all grant funding for the center, and direct social and educational group programming.

01. June 2020
According to the US Labor Department, before the coronavirus shutdowns began back in February, the US unemployment rate was 3.5 percent. Now it is almost six times that high, hovering at 20 percent. To date, 41 million people in the US have filed for unemployment benefits, and that number may still rise with time. With statistics like these, it’s safe to say that if you don’t yet know of someone who has been impacted by the global pandemic, you will. When that happens, the numbers won’t...

01. June 2020
Just over a year ago, StarPoint Home Care was born from a unique and visionary community partnership. Early on, however, when personal tragedy struck the organization, that partnership—along with the viability of StarPoint itself—was severely challenged. Today, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, those early challenges have left StarPoint well prepared to deal with a serious crisis. When The Jewish Home of Cincinnati sold Cedar Village in the summer of 2018, it initiated a...

Jewish Family Service · 27. May 2020
When a longtime client of Jewish Family Service was nearing the end of his life, his social worker made sure his family was there virtually, despite COVID-19 restrictions.

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