Vital Support Services · 31. March 2020
Jewish Family Service Heldman Family Food Pantry will remain open during this time of social distancing, so everyone who needs groceries can get them.

Jewish Family Service · 23. March 2020
Brain health is something most people tend to take for granted. When brains are functioning as they should, the average person does not think about ways to improve or avoid harming our brains. Yet, when a problem with cognitive skills or memory develops, many wish they had known more about brain health techniques.

Center for Holocaust Survivors · 21. February 2020
A beautiful vision was not only realized but exceeded recently when 92 Holocaust survivors graduated from a program that brought the world to their doorstep through the use of technology. Now confident iPad users, these graduates can video chat with distant family members; take photos; send emails; listen to music from their youth; watch movies, read books or check the news in their native language; or simply search the internet. The project’s official name: Tablets and Technology:...

Jewish Family Service · 20. February 2020
It can be difficult for families or individuals living on a limited budget to afford the high cost of Passover food. However, the Dr. Samuel S. Rockwern Passover Delivery Project of Jewish Family Service makes it easier to experience this important holiday meal.

Aging and Caregivers · 17. February 2020
55 years after US President Lyndon B, Johnson established each February as American Heart Month—one in every seven deaths in the US remains attributable to heart disease. However, while trends across populations can clearly be discouraging, nothing will ever change the power individuals have to improve their own lives.

Aging and Caregivers · 04. February 2020
Evidence shows that when it comes balancing the full-time work with the challenges of caring for an aging loved one, frank and honest discussions, between an employee and employer, can often go a long way toward easing tensions by reaching accommodations that are reasonable and mutually beneficial.

StarPoint Home Care · 25. November 2019
Jewish Family Service is now providing personal caregiving services through the acquisition of Cedar Village Home Care. Renamed “StarPoint Home Care,” caregivers are available 24/7 to help older adults with daily living activities, so they feel comfortable, secure, and independent while remaining in familiar surroundings.

Center for Holocaust Survivors · 29. October 2019
In late September, staff members of the Jewish Family Service Center for Holocaust Survivors travelled from Cincinnati to Washington, D.C., to attend an important workshop sponsored by Jewish Federations of North America. The JFNA Center for Advancing Holocaust Care hosted the annual event at The Carnegie Institution for Science. The main topic for this year’s gathering was “Aging and Trauma: Innovations in Person-Centered, Trauma-Informed Care for Diverse Older Populations.”

Vital Support Services · 29. October 2019
When the High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur have passed, it inevitably means that Sukkot is right behind! Observing the weeklong celebration that inspires us to be thankful for the great outdoors and the environment is a time-honored tradition for many families and organizations, including JFS.

Youth and Family Services · 29. September 2019
On September 29, the Jewish High Holiday of Rosh Hashanah will commence at sundown, and while many households across Cincinnati will celebrate by attending services and partaking in family dinners, too many members of the Jewish community won’t have the means to enjoy a traditional, hot meal.

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