JFS Dancing with our Stars 2016


Professionally Choreographed Dance Competition  -   Dinner


Oscar Jarnicki
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How long have you lived in Cincinnati?

All my life!


What is your profession?

I stopped working two years ago;  I was a past owner of Senior Healthcare and Behavioral Health Facilities. I am very proud of being a co-writer and producer for “Flying By,” a long-running movie that aired on the Lifetime Movie Network.


What about your volunteer history?

I’ve served on the board of Cedar Village, been past president of the Trade Association Chamber of Commerce, and have served on synagogue boards.


What are your hobbies? 

Music, movies, biking, golf.  And working out!


What’s your best dancing asset?

I’m willing.


What inspired you to dance for Jewish Family Service?

When you are asked to participate in a fun fundraiser for a worthy cause, you say yes!


What don't we know about you that would make someone want to support you? 

I have had a very public life, so everybody already knows everything about me.  I have a strong passion for organizations I believe in, like Jewish Family Service, so please support me!


What did your family say when you told them you were dancing?

“Go for it!” 

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Oscar Jarnicki is raising money for Jewish Family Service of Cincinnati by competing in the 2018 Dancing with our Stars gala on November 3, 2018. Your support helps strengthen lives in times of need.

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