JFS Dancing with our Stars 2016


Professionally Choreographed Dance Competition  -   Dinner


Matt Hiudt
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How long have you lived in Cincinnati?

I’ve basically lived in Cincinnati my entire life.  I went to college at Kansas University (Go Jayhawks) and lived in California and Chicago for a few years before moving back to Cincinnati and getting married in 2013.   


What is your profession?

I’ve been a professional in sales my entire adult career. I recently just quit my job of the last 15 years, and am now a Commercial Real Estate Agent with a local family brokerage, NAIBergman


What is your volunteer history?

My volunteerism consists of donating to Federation on a yearly basis along with donating my time when I can. I’ve contributed to Camp Livingston and other local organizations as well as donating my time to Jewish Family Service and helping stock the Jewish Family Service Heldman Family Food Pantry at its Barbash Family Vital Support Center on several occasions. My mother and father are very involved in donating to the community, and are on the board of Jewish Federation and Rockwern. 


What are your hobbies?

We have a little French bulldog named Bowie...my wife and I love taking care of him. He's our main hobby at the moment. I also enjoy playing the drums, and play in a little 3 piece band called "Electric Son".  I love to travel and go see live music any opportunity I can find all across the country, and I’ve been collecting art for over 20 years. 


What is your best dancing asset?

I’ve always had rhythm. I took dance lessons as a child and joined a hip hop dance team in college (I was the only guy) and really have always loved to dance. I’ve essentially been dancing my entire life in any opportunity I can find.  


What inspired you to dance for Jewish Family Service?

I was over at my cousins’ during the Super Bowl this year, and during the Justin Timberlake performance I was watching the dancers and thinking to myself... "I can do that! I should have never given up dancing in my younger days or that would be me up there!!" Well, I must have said something like that out loud, because MJ Guttman heard me and talked me into doing the event! Also, my family and I have been to the event to support my Uncle Kenny Hiudt who danced a few years ago and I’ve always thought I would do well, and help raise a lot of money.


What don't we know about you that would make someone want to support you?

The people who know me will want to support me because I’m a fun, hard-working, compassionate, loving soul. I love my family and my extended family deeply and I think that shows in my daily life. 


What did your family say when you told them you were dancing?

"What?! No way!!"

"What?! OMG! That’s amazing!" 

"You’re going to be so great!"

"Those old timers don't stand a chance"

"I hope they don't have you do the waltz or something dumb like that"  

Thank you so very much for all your love and support!


Your donation means a lot to me personally, and will go a long way in helping those in need. JFS is such a special organization in our community, and your donation is very much appreciated. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous donation! 

Matt Hiudt is raising money for Jewish Family Service of Cincinnati by competing in the 2018 Dancing with our Stars gala on November 3, 2018. Your support helps strengthen lives in times of need.

Jewish Family Service, a 501(c)3 non-profit agency, strengthens lives of people in times of need by providing social services that guide them along their road to stability, self-reliance, and personal growth.


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