JFS Dancing with our Stars 2016


Professionally Choreographed Dance Competition  -   Dinner  -  Live Entertainment
Hosted by Local TV Personality Bob Herzog

Joel Ellison


Some supporters choose not to make their name public, but the names will be shared with Joel

Joel Ellison Dancing with our Stars
Joel Ellison

Tell us a little about yourself

I am a proud Cincinnatian, born and raised.  My family has always been active in strengthening both the Jewish and broader communities, making my involvement with JFS and DWOS all the more meaningful.  My wife, Alyce, and I have two incredible daughters, Layla and Shoshana.


What is your profession?

I received my Medical Degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and am currently in the final year of my residency in Psychiatry at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.  



What is your volunteer history?

Volunteering and Tzedakah have always been an integral part of my family's life.  Collecting bricks for Bricks Along the Journey, an organization my late aunt, Ellen Ganson, founded, to providing tutoring to students ranging in age from elementary school to high school, and participating in Mitzvah Day at Adath Israel Synagogue are a few of the things I have done to fulfill this responsibility. 


What are your hobbies?

I enjoy being with my family, golfing, playing basketball, playing the guitar.


What is your best dancing asset?

My  slightly above average athletic ability raises my dancing ability ceiling to respectable heights, I'd say.  I can reproduce movements that someone shows me, can string moves together, have decent rhythm, and can slap a smile on my face when needed.  I expect a very respectable showing from myself.  


What inspired you to dance for Jewish Family Service?

Jewish Family Service is an incredible organization offering a wide array of social services to strengthen our community.  As a medical provider specializing in mental health I appreciate the vital role the organization plays in delivering aging and caregiver services, education and mentoring, a food pantry, and adoption services.  The organization's presence helps people live more secure, meaningful lives, so getting up in front of hundreds of people and taking a giant step outside my comfort zone in order to help JFS do what it does is a no brainer.


What don't we know about you that would make someone want to support you?

You may not know that my wife considers me a horrible dancer.  So your support will be vital as I dance my tuchus off, and prove to her I am not the dancer she thinks I am.  


What did your family say when you told them you were dancing?

My family was very excited when I told them I'd be dancing for this event.  Their excitement ranged in its source, from "that's going to be so fun", to "I can't wait to watch you try to pull this off". 




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Jewish Family Service provides professional social work services to strengthen people's lives throughout the entire lifespan, from birth through the end of life. We offer expert guidance and assistance in four areas: Domestic and International adoption; Education and Mentoring; Vital Services for people struggling with poverty and mental illness; and Aging and Caregiver Services.