Music & Memory

As a MUSIC & MEMORY Certified Organization, we are proud

to offer the powerful benefits of personalized music as part of our continuing efforts to provide the highest quality care.

This program is free to all participants.


Grounded in extensive research, Music & Memory helps people living with a wide range of cognitive and physical challenges to find renewed joy in life through musical favorites. Our team is trained to develop personalized playlists delivered through iPods, which is a key element in the individual's plan of care.


  • Beloved music helps to reduce depression and anxiety and can also moderate pain
  • Musical favorites tap deep memories and can improve quality of life
  • Participants are happier, more social and receptive to care and family visits
  • Personal music and help to reduce reliance on anti-psychotic, anti-depressant, and pain medications


Anyone can benefit from the power of listening to musical favorites. As we build our program, we will be able to offer it to all who are interested. This is often effective for a variety of impairments and disorders:

  • People with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia
  • Individuals who are bed-bound, on dialysis or ventilators
  • People with chronic pain
  • Those receiving hospice care

Personalized music can:

  • Reduce or eliminate agitation and anxiety
  • Restore identity and memories
  • Improve mood and behavior
  • Increase socialization
  • Benefit both the care recipient and caregiver

Each participant receives:

  • An iPod loaded with a personalized playlist of their musical favorites
  • Headphones
  • Charging equipment
  • Ongoing support from a Jewish Family Service Care Manager

You can help! Please support our Music & Memory program and give new life to someone you love by donating New or Used iPod’s, chargers, headphones, speakers, iTunes gift cards, and original CDs of original artist. Drop them off at Jewish Family Service (located in the Mayerson J), and ask for Brittany or Ann.


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"Despite the enormous sums of money spent on mood- and behavior-altering medications that are often not particularly effective, nothing compares to these iPods when it comes to improving quality of life."  -Tony Lewis, President and CEO, Cobble Hill Health Center, Brooklyn, NY