Create Your Jewish Legacy...

Create your Jewish Legacy

We all strive to leave the world a better place – through our children, our good deeds, our generosity. 

What will you do this year that will outlast you? Fulfill the promise so future generations will say of us, "The world is a better place because, for a brief time, they lived in it."


With a legacy gift, your impact can continue beyond your lifetime. In a hundred years, you can still be changing lives.This could be the most important gift you ever make.


Anybody can do it.

Anybody can make a legacy gift, regardless of age or financial circumstances, and your gift can be customized to fit your goals and needs.


It's easy to do.

  • Include a simple bequest in your will
  • Make a designation from your life insurance policy, IRA, or retirement plan
  • Give an outright gift
  • Create a charitable trust
  • Direct a grant from your donor-advised fund or foundation

Continuing their generosity by establishing a Legacy Gift...

Create Your Jewish Legacy is a Jewish Federation of Cincinnati partnership with local agencies and congregations to ensure a strong Jewish community for future generations. Their goal is for every local Jewish organization to have a significant endowment, allowing them to continue their important mission and to serve our community with vital and innovative programming and services.

We would like to thank the following for strengthening the future of Jewish Family Service with a Create Your Jewish Legacy gift - and letting us share their stories. Their gifts will preserve the thriving community they have helped shape and ensure that Jewish Family Service can help those in need for years to come.

Thank you to Dick and Mona Kerstine

Mona and Dick Kerstine
Mona and Dick Kerstine

Dick and Mona Kerstine appreciate the values of their ancestors passed on to them. “We have a huge heritage, with which we feel comes responsibility. And to fulfill that responsibility requires involvement. Either personal or legacy involvement,” said Dick.


“I hope my grandchildren and great grandchildren will know how proud they can be of their ancestors.  My father used to say that Jews have to take care of one another,” added Mona.


Dick said they made a Jewish legacy commitment to Jewish Family Service and other Cincinnati Jewish organizations so they can send a message to their 7 grandchildren and future great-grandchildren, “I’m glad there’s a Judaism that is still present for you…that you can still practice…that you can still identify with.”


Please enjoy this video showing the Kerstine's commitment to supporting our community by creating a Legacy.

Thank you to Gary and Leah Smith

Leah and Gary Smith
Leah and Gary Smith

"We wanted to find an organization that was welcoming to all, sensitive to people's needs, and helped those that needed it most. Jewish Family Service provides that," said Gary Smith.


"We want to absolutely ensure that we have a strong Jewish community in the future," said Smith. In addition to Jewish Family Service, the Smiths have also left legacy gifts to the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs, Hebrew Union College national archives, Adath Israel, Cedar Village Retirement Community, and the Seeing Eye Dog Program for the Blind in Israel. The generosity of Gary and Leah will help create a brighter future for the next generation in the Jewish Community.

Thank you to these supporters whose generous commitment will sustain our mission now and into the future as founding members of the Jewish Family Service Legacy Society.

Anonymous (15)

Marcie and Nathan Bachrach 

Kitzi and Bruce Baker

Stanley Berman

Richard and Sara Behrman

Bob z"l and Irene Block
Abbie Brant and Danny Lipson

Susan Brenner and Steven Mombach

Craig and Frances Coleman

Malcolm and Adell z"l Coleman 

Amy Diamond

Ross and Jan Evans

Sue Friedlander

Bill and Suzy Goldberg

Carrie and Ken Goldhoff

Jeff and Laura Goldstein

Stuart z"l and Roberta Handwerger

David Harris

Fred and Patti Heldman

Marty and Sally Hiudt

Joanie and Jerry Horwitz

Scott and Patricia Joseph

Josh and Tracy Juran

Larry and Kim Juran

Richard and Simone Kerstine 

Dr. Hamilton and Debbie Lempert 

Randy and Bonnie Loftspring

Jacqueline Mervis Mack

Leslie and Kenneth Miller 

Mark and Robin Miller

Nina and Edward Paul

Eleanor G. and Arnold P. z"l Payton

Brian J. and Besty Peerless

Bob and Wendy Pelberg 

Penny and Myles Pensak

Sue and Jay Price

Dick and Kitty Rosenthal
Ari and Deborah Rubinoff

Lauren Scharf 

Simply Giving

Anita and Henry Schneider

Beth Schwartz and Gene Smiley 

Irvin z"l and Ida Schwartz

Susan Shorr and Dennis Mitman 

Sally and Andrew Shott 

Leah and Gary Smith 

Paul Spitz

Debra and Michael Steinbuch

Richard and Marcia z"l Weiland

Amy Susskind Weiskopf

Stephan D. Weiss, PhD

Alan z"l and Louise Wolf

Andrea Levenson Young and Scott Young

Fred Zorndorf

Helen and Sanford Zussman

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“There are stars whose light only reaches the earth long after they have fallen apart. There are people whose memory continues to provide light in this world, long after they are gone.”

- Hannah Szenes