Free community workshop with addiction expert Adi Jaffe

Addiction: Shedding the Shame and Stigma

Adi Jaffe, PhD Addiction expert and TEDx speaker
Adi Jaffe, PhD

with TEDx speaker and Addiction Expert
Adi Jaffe, PhD

Thursday, March 15, 2018
7 - 8:30 pm

Cooper Creek Event Center
4040 Cooper Road, Blue Ash, OH 45241 


Learn an alternative route forward to alleviate the problem of substance abuse and addiction. 


Substance use and addiction have been problematic in the U.S. for many decades, and endless efforts to curb them have been largely unsuccessful. Dr. Adi Jaffe, a renowned addiction expert and TEDx speaker, makes the assertion that the stigma associated with substance abuse and addition - and our approach to drug use - is exacerbating, rather than alleviating, the problem. Join us as Dr. Jaffe will share stories, research, and personal anecdotes that offer an alternative route forward to help alleviate the problem. 


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Adi Jaffe, PhD Addiction expert and TEDx speaker with Jewish Family Service March 15
Adi Jaffe, PhD

Adi Jaffe, PhD is a nationally recognized expert on mental health, addiction and stigma. He lectures in the Psychology department at UCLA and is the President and Co-Founder of IGNTD, a company focused on alleviating suffering and inspiring hope.


Dr. Jaffe's work and research focus on changing the way Americans think about, and deal with mental health and addiction issues. He is passionate about the role of shame in destroying lives and aims to greatly reduce the stigma of mental health in this country. In this context, Dr. Jaffe has used his personal experience as an incredibly effective inspirational and motivational tool.


Since he received his doctorate from UCLA in 2010, Dr. Jaffe has become known through his online and academic writing. His views on addiction and his research on the topic have been published in dozens of journals and online publications and he has appeared on numerous television shows and documentaries discussing current topics in addiction and the problem of addiction as a whole.