Become a Little...

Big and Little Rock Climbing

Give a Child the Gift of Friendship

All children need caring, supportive adults in their lives in addition to a parent or guardian.


Having a Big is a great way for your child to spend time with an adult friend who can support him or her on the path to a bright, positive future.


A Big will help your child...

  • build self-confidence
  • improve social skills
  • improve grades
  • avoid delinquent behaviors


Who are Littles?

Littles are children ages 7-17 who will benefit from a friendly, caring, positive adult influence. They are often being raised by a single parent, a grandparent, or other relative. Or they may have a sibling with a special need or an ill family member who requires the extra time and energy of parents

 Littles are children whose lives are strengthened by having Bigs.


A Big and Little may enjoy activities such as:

  • going to a ball game
  • kicking a soccer ball around
  • going to the zoo
  • taking hikes in the park
  • doing homework
  • baking cookies


How can the Bigs & Littles program help a child to succeed?

Research confirms that successful one-to-one matches of one year or more have lasting positive effects on children.

Littles are…

  • less likely to begin using alcohol and illegal drugs
  • more likely to improve their academic performance
  • less likely to skip school
  • able to get along better with friends and family
  • more likely to improve their self-confidence

 A Big will help your child develop into a well-rounded successful individual.


What is the commitment?

Bigs and Littles get together for a few hours at least twice a month for fun individual outings and group activities. Enrolling in the program requires a minimum commitment of one year.


Bigs are carefully screened and trained by Jewish Family Service. Our Bigs are at least 21 years old and are qualified through a screening process involving an application, reference checks, background checks, and interviews.


Connecting your child to a Big can make a difference for a lifetime.


For more information, contact Erin McNew at 766-3328 or or fill out the online contact form.