Friends of JFS 2017...

She needed food.                   

She discovered family. 

While growing up in North Avondale, this 61 year-old Jewish woman envisioned a secure future with few worries. However, when she moved back to Cincinnati this past year, she had less than $3,000 to her name. Her body was in pain 24/7 from a bone disease, her emotions were in an uproar from the traumatic loss of a loved one, and she had no job. Her shame led to isolation.


 “If you want to know what it’s like to lose everything you have,

 let me tell you that in one word.  Horrifying.”


She called Jewish Family Service because she was in need of food. But she also found compassion, respect, and a feeling of family.


“JFS didn’t just give me a care manager. They gave me a kind of

big sister – someone who checks in on me, who does care if I live

or die, who cares about my quality of life!”


Our Heldman Family Food Pantry ensured that she wouldn’t go hungry. Emergency financial aid kept her heat on in the winter and a roof over her head. Her experienced care manager connected her with employment resources and health insurance. But most importantly, attending activities at our Barbash Family Vital Support Center gave her the opportunity to share smiles and conversation with other participants.


“Because of JFS, I no longer feel ‘all alone in the world.’ In these

times, we all know how hard it can be to find that kind of community.

But it is alive and well at JFS. And I am grateful for it.”


Jewish Family Service was there for her, and continues to be there for more than 4,000 neighbors in Cincinnati who rely on your support to overcome obstacles in their lives.


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