Friends of JFS 2016...

Life happens. 
And when it does, our community relies on Jewish Family Service to be there whenever or wherever a person is in need. 

We were there when Abe needed guidance after his wife passed away unexpectedly. She had always been the one to cook the meals, pay the bills, organize the household, and arrange for healthcare. We created a plan for Abe and provided the services he needed so that he could manage his independence in his own home.


We were there when the hospital called our social worker at 2:45 in the morning, seeking guidance for Carly, scared and alone, who wanted to make an adoption plan for her newborn daughter. We stayed by her side and helped her fulfill her wish to give her daughter a better life than she felt she could provide.


We were there when Ron was desolate after losing everything - his career, his marriage, his kids, and his health. We made sure he did not become homeless and that he had nutritional meals to regain his health. With caring case management, we helped him get on his feet again in spite of devastating life challenges.


We were there when tragedy struck Camp Livingston this past summer. Immediately Jewish Family Service mobilized an emotional response team of 16 of our staff on that first day to offer experienced support to campers and counselors, and we continued that support almost daily through the end of the first camp session. We also coordinated resources for parents about trauma to help them talk with their kids about what happened.


Being there is what Jewish Family Service is all about, fulfilling this ethical mandate on behalf of our community.Most situations are not just a one-time phone call or meeting with a client, but often require hours, days, and even months of personal professional case management.


What we do is labor intensive, requiring trained and experienced professionals to help our clients navigate sensitive and complex personal situations, which, unfortunately, makes it quite costly. 


We are truly grateful to our primary funding partners - the Jewish Federation, United Way, and The Jewish Foundation - for their investment, which combined supports 30% of our total budget. We seek out additional funding wherever we can find it, including contracts, grants, and fees. But the reality is that in order to “be there” when needed, we are unable to sustain even our current level of services without direct support from donors like you.


We rely on your generosity just like our neighbors rely on us to strengthen their lives in times of need.

        Please be there for Carly, Abe, Ron, and Camp Livingston.

        Be there for the nearly 4,000 people each year who turn to us for help.

        Be there for Jewish Family Service.


Please give generously to the 2016 Friends of Jewish Family Service Campaign. Your support will ensure that we will always be there.

Thank you for helping to strengthen lives in Cincinnati!  As a not-for-profit agency [501(c)(3)], Jewish Family Service depends on the generosity of donors such as you to ensure its continued excellence in providing vital services to our community. In fact, 100% of all donations stay right here in Cincinnati.


It's easy  to contribute... 

  • Donate online now
  • Call Carrie at 513-766-3345 to donate using VISA, MC, AMEX or Discover
  • Send your check, made payable to Jewish Family Service, to Jewish Family Service, 8487 Ridge Road, Cincinnati, OH 45236 



Thank you again for your tax-deductible gift.


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