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She is 7 years old and hungry.               

You can help.

7-year-old Emma was hungry. Too often. So were her younger sisters and parents.


Emma's parents hid their hunger from their rabbi, neighbors, friends, and even other family.


But Emma's unusual behavior at day camp was noticed by her counselor.  Emma was cranky and anxious, and said she was too tired to participate in camp activities she had always enjoyed. While talking to her counselor, Emma shared that she and her two younger siblings often went without breakfast. And often without more than a peanut butter sandwich for dinner.


Fortunately, Emma's camp counselor called Jewish Family Service for help.


Jewish Family Service caring social workers met with Emma's parents at Barbash Family Vital Support Center.  Emma's father said his job pays straight commission and he hadn't received a paycheck in months. Her mother had to leave her part-time job to care for their three young children because she could no longer afford day care. 


They were a Jewish working family living in poverty.


Jewish Family Service knowledgeable care managers immediately provided food from Heldman Family Food Pantry, then connected the family to available community services for vouchers for day care and food stamps that they were unfamiliar with and never dreamed they would need. They also helped Emma’s parents manage their tight budget from savings so every day she and her sisters could have a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 


With nutritional food in her stomach, Emma was once again keeping up with and laughing with her camp buddies. And her mother shares that she is doing well in school.


You may not realize it, but a family Jewish Family Service is helping get through a tough challenge in life may be someone you know.


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