Jewish Family Service Staff List...

   Position  Name


Chief Executive Officer


Beth Schwartz

  Director of Development Richard Behrman

Director of Marketing

Sherry Kaplan

  Director of Information Technology Rene Micheo

Director of Operations and

Organizational Excellence

Bralynda Watkins
  Office Manager Paula Tompkins
  Marketing Associate Hannah Gessendorf

Operations Support Specialist

Carrie Krach


Administrative Assistant                    Ruth Moeddel


Adoption Connection 



Director of Adoption Connection

Sue Warm


LaTania Thomas

  Case Aide Marliza Baines
  Social Worker  Patty Bonem
  Social Worker  Kristen Riekert 
Aging and Caregiver Services


Director, Aging & Caregiver Services


Ann Sutton Burke

  Aging Services Operations Manager Stephanie Seyfried
  Social Worker Cybele Elloian
  Program Assistant Edie Dine
  Program Assistant Michael Dine
  Social Worker Karla Doerrer
  Social Worker Leah Freed
  Case Aide Malea Berry
  Social Worker Ludmila Goitman
  Social Worker Mandy Huecker
  Social Worker Tina Knaley
  Associate Care Manager Helen Makutonin
  Registered Nurse Laura Fabik
  Manager, Intake/Referral Access Point June Ridgway
  Social Worker Suzanne Schweiger
  Nurse Practitioner Stephanie Siegrist
  Social Worker Ann Stromberg
  Center for Holocaust Survivors Manager

Gail Gepsman Ziegler

  Aging & Caregiver Services Administrative Assistant Hannah Goodman 



Education & Mentoring

Social Worker                                 

Registered Nurse 



Director, Education & Mentoring

Kelly Bernstein

Patti Heldman 



Linda Kean

  Youth Mentoring Manager Erin McNew
  Education Manager Debi Varland
  Match Support Specialist Karen Chinchilla
  Care Manager Luda Gikhman
  Community Connections Coordinator Dori Singer
  ESOL Teacher  Daniel Zimmer 

Vital Services & Counseling


Director of Vital Services


Fran Gafvert

  Food Pantry and Volunteer Manager Sandee Golden
  Activity Center Manager Connie Rosselot
  Administrative Assistant Jonathan Magrisso
  Care Manager  Christine McGee 
  Social Worker Sarah Sherwood
  Care Manager Debbie Zimmerman