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Aging Parents?

As your parents grow older, their health care and day-to-day living concerns increase. You can’t always be there for them, but you can still have peace of mind.


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Why do your parents need Jewish Family Service?

As senior adults, your parents may need help continuing to do the things they have always done. Failing vision, the inability to drive, memory loss, or other concerns commonly associated with aging may make it difficult for them to maintain their day-to-day independent living.


Why do you, as an adult child, need Jewish Family Service?

You may feel responsible for the care of your elderly parents or other relatives. But you may live too far away. Or be out of town too often. Or you may be overwhelmed and need help determining the best course for their care.


What does Jewish Family Service provide?

A social worker will visit with your parents for an assessment. This assessment focuses on their strengths and coping skills, as well as their ability to care for themselves physically, socially, financially and psychologically. Then, with you, we will develop a specific plan to ensure they are safe, live with dignity, and make their independent living easier.


Jewish Family Service can:

• Coordinate support services and community referrals for home health aides, transportation, meals-on-wheels, companions, homemakers, and other social services


• Regularly monitor services through telephone calls and personal visits


• Help navigate the complex maze of insurance filings and bill management


• Provide supportive counseling


• Assist with choosing alternative living arrangements


• Recognize early warning signs of medical problems


Fees vary according to services provided


Meet the Jewish Family Service staff who are Your Experts in AgingTM


Checklist to determine if you should be concerned about your aging parents' behavior

Geriatric Depression Scale

More Checklists

Regardless of the distance between you, Jewish Family Service is always just a phone call away. Call today for a free consultation and discuss your concerns with a Jewish Family Service professional that is specially trained to work with senior adults. We will meet with you for up to one hour on the phone, in your home, or in our office.


Call June Ridgway directly for more information:

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or email jridgway@jfscinti.org


For their independence…and your peace of mind