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Whether you are hoping to build your family through adoption...or you are a birth parent  who is considering adoption as a loving choice for you and your baby, you can feel secure with the support and experience of Adoption Connection of Cincinnati.


As a private Ohio-licensed adoption agency Adoption Connection brings hearts together to build families.

Upcoming event...

Diverse Voices in Transracial Adoption

with Rhonda Roorda

Author and Transracial Adoption expert


Saturday, February 4

Free for Celebrate Adoption Members and their family


Mayerson JCC - 8487 Ridge Road, Cincinnati


Q&A and book sale/ signing following the discussion

Rhonda Roorda, adopted by a white family, is a highly-regarded national speaker on transracial adoption. With Dr. Rita Simon, she coauthored a landmark trilogy of books on transracial adoption, and recently released her own book, In Their Voices: Black Americans on Transracial Adoption, which builds on that trilogy capturing the views of non-adopted black Americans. This presentation will highlight the findings from the Simon-Roorda landmark trilogy of books as well as Roorda’s latest book.


For over 40 years, Transracial Adoptees have been raised in predominately white communities separated from people that look like them. Why does this matter not only for Transracial Adoptees but for White Adoptive parents as well? Roorda will answer this question while also sharing her own personal experiences as a Black Transracial Adoptee. She will help us bring out the best of Transracial Adoption for children and families by teaching us about the controversy behind Transracial Adoption, particularly as it relates to Black and Biracial children adopted by White parents, discussing why “love" is not enough when raising Transracial Adoptees, and developing strategies that will help Transracial Adoptive parents to raise children of color that can grow up to be confident, purposeful, centered men and women.


"There is strength and beauty in families who choose Transracial Adoption. However, in order to experience the best, there is work to be done." - Rhonda Roorda


Memberships may be purchased for $40, and are valid through 2017.

Nonmembers: Individual $15, families $25


Babysitting: available at JPlay for $3/hr per child, but reservations must be submitted in advance with your RSVP


RSVP to Nikki Mayhew, by Thursday, 2/2. Hurry! Space is limited!

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Are you hoping to adopt?

Grow your family through international and domestic infant adoption with the guidance of Jewish Family Service’s Adoption Connection program. Our knowledgeable team of adoption social workers have over 100 combined years of experience to give you the support and education you need at every stage...from orientation to homestudies to finalization to post-adoptive services.


Adoption Connection is welcoming to all regardless of number of children, religion, race, sexual orientation, marital status, or age. Our expertise also covers identified, relative, and step-parent adoption services.


And if you are considering international adoption, Adoption Connection can be your local link. You can trust our experience and expert knowledge to provide the necessary Ohio-required homestudy and education that you need to complete your international adoption.

Why is Adoption Connection different?

Adoption Connection is excited to share with you a new philosophy toward building your family through adoption. This new approach is different than what we have done before. In fact, it is different than any other agency in Ohio is doing. And it is an approach that should result in your holding your infant in your arms sooner than you expected.


No longer will you sign up with an adoption agency, sit back and wait for that long-anticipated phone call. Now you will be empowered to proactively connect with a woman considering adoption.


And of course our team of “Experts in Adoption TM” will be by your side along your adoption journey. In addition to continuing our community wide agency outreach, we will always be available to provide as much support as you need.


Yes, although we have been building families through adoption since 1943, we continue to evolve to best serve you. Today we hope you will reconsider your traditional view of adoption.


You now have more control over the adoption process


Have you heard about long waiting lists? Well, instead of asking you to WAIT with us; we are inviting you to WORK with us. The more work you do as a prospective adoptive parent to identify you own adoption, the more control you have over your own situation. And, hopefully, the shorter your time until placement.


Philosophically, Adoption Connection wants to be your partner in adoption---we want to empower you, inspire you, support you, guide you. And, of course, we will be there every step of the way with you. But we want to help you to be in control of your situation.

Are you a facing an unplanned pregnancy?

You may feel overwhelmed with the decisions you need to make when facing an unplanned pregnancy. Our social workers at Adoption Connection will provide you with the information and counseling you need to make an educated decision.


We promise that will be treated with respect and have ongoing staff support, regardless of the decision you make.


Adoption Connection is a dba of Jewish Family Service. This page will give you a brief overview of the program, however please visit for a comprehensive look at this leading program, including a schedule of free orientations that provide introductory information about the adoption process.

In the news...

The Adoption Connection program of Jewish Family Service is proud to help spread the love! 


A same-sex couple we are helping become parents, and our Director of Adoption Cherie McCarthy, were featured on the Channel 9 news story in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage.

Watch the News story now.

Adoption Connection is reaching out to find birth parents. Have you seen these spots running on TV in the Cincinnati area?

Read the article about International Adoption with quotes by Cherie McCarthy, director of Adoption Connection.  It was written by Cincinnati's John Johnston and also carried by USA Today.