Adoption Connection...

October 17, 2017 Cincinnati

After nearly 75 years of helping to build families through adoption, Jewish Family Service of Cincinnati has announced that it will no longer accept new client families or make new adoption placements. Its Adoption Connection program will complete all pending adoptions and will continue to assist clients as needed with guidance and information.


"This was a difficult, but necessary, decision that involved a number of considerations. We want to emphasize that, despite this change, Jewish Family Service will continue to strengthen lives in times of need through its many other programs," said Board President Larry Juran. Jewish Family Service also helps older adults, Holocaust survivors, and their families through Aging and Caregiver Services; aids people experiencing financial difficulties and other life struggles through Vital Services; and supports families and children through its Education and Mentoring programs.


"We care deeply about our birth parents and adoptive families. To ease their transition, we were resolute in identifying another adoption service that we could recommend. That agency is Bellefaire JCB (Jewish Children's Bureau), a nonprofit, accredited and licensed agency with a strong reputation that aligns with our values" he said.


Bellefaire JCB, a Cleveland-based organization, has an existing and growing presence in Greater Cincinnati. It was founded as an orphanage in 1868 and has become the nation's longest-established child placement/adoption agency. Their adoption specialists are degreed and licensed therapists, social workers, and certified adoption assessors. They have a Hague-Accredited International Adoption program, and the agency is licensed by the Ohio Departments of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) and Mental Health.


"Of course, the choice of a new adoption agency is completely at the discretion of each adoptive family or birth parent. We merely wanted to make a recommendation, based on our knowledge and experience, in an effort to help our families and birth parents as they continue on their journey. We will be happy to provide a list of other adoption agencies in Ohio with current ODJFS certification," said Juran.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this new transition, please contact Adoption Connection at 513-489-1616 or