Staff List


Chief Executive Officer | Liz Vogel

Vice President, Operations and Youth & Family Prgms. | Linda Kean

Director of Development | Kila Hanrahan

Post-Adoption Administrative Assistant | Michelle Gallite

Social Worker, Post-Adoption Services | Amanda Huecker

Director of Finance | Erin Klein

Volunteer Programs Manager | Beth Kotzin

Information Technology Director | Jim Meyer

Development Coordinator | Michele Seligman

Office Manager | Paula Tompkins


Aging and Caregiver Services

Vice President, Client Services | Ann Sutton Burke

Director, Care Mgmt., Counseling & Crisis Interv. | Leslie Brody

Aging Operations Specialist | Marliza Baines

Geriatric Clinical Social Worker | Karla Doerrer

Geriatric Clinical Social Worker | Cybele Elloian

Geriatric Clinical Social Worker | Anita Howard

Social Work Counselor | Tina Knaley

Geriatric Care Manager | Laura Fabik

Geriatric Care Manager | Suzanne Schweiger

Geriatric Care Manager | Stephanie Siegrist


Center for Holocaust Survivors

Director, Center for Holocaust Survivors | Meredith Davis

Geriatric Social Worker | Kelly Bernstein

Care Manager | Ludmila Goitman

Associate Care Manager | Brittany Arling

Associate Care Manager | Helen Makutonin

Technology Prgm. Specialist/Associate Care Mgr. | Elena Itenberg

Program Specialist | Eden Dine


Russian Jewish Cultural Center

Manager, Russian Jewish Cultural Center | Luda Gikhman

Cultural Center Aide | Bella Chertkov

Cultural Center Aide | Alona Titov

Cultural Center Aide | Irina Yablokova


AgeWell Cincinnati

Director, Resource Center and AgeWell Cincinnati | June Ridgway

Social Worker | Katherine Moore

Rabbinic Engagement Coordinator | Yair Walton 

Database Specialist & Administrative Support | Michael Dine

Vital Support Services

Manager, Food Pantry | Jonathan Magrisso 

Administrative Coordinator | Beth Kotzin

Manager, Vital Support Center | Lainey Dugan

Care Manager | Christine McGee

Care Manager | Erin McNew

Care Manager | Debbie Zimmerman

JVS Career Services Counselor | Ann Stromberg


StarPoint Home Care

Director, StarPoint Home Care | Debbie Balk

Assistant Manager | Alicia Reid

Administrative Assistant | Tonia Burton