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As our community's expert in human services, Jewish Family Service strives to engender change on a broad, systemic community level. Please join us and Take Action against social injustice.


Hunger and Poverty

Hunger and Poverty Passover Initiative

This Passover, as families sit down around their Seder table and feast on their holiday meal, we ask that they give a voice to our neighbors who are seated at the Table of Hunger and Poverty.


You may be surprised to learn that in Greater Cincinnati, there are 1100 families living in poverty – families that are often overlooked! Just as our Passover story tells us that Moses used his voice to demand freedom for the Hebrew slaves, all of us need to use our collective voices on behalf of our suffering neighbors to demand their freedom from hunger and poverty.


We at Jewish Family Service see this hunger and poverty up close on a daily basis. Through our personal work with clients, we’re able to effect real change in the lives of individuals and families that we serve.


As the community’s expert in human services, we also strive to engender change on a broad, systemic community level. But this kind of change can only happen when we stand together in one voice.


Each person can help.


Talk to others and let them know that this is a real problem in our community. 9% of the Cincinnati Jewish community is living in poverty.


Call and write Elected Officials. Tell them that poverty and hunger are unacceptable in the richest country in the world. The representative’s contact information can be found on the League of Women Voters website through the Find Your Legislator link.


Volunteer. Give time to help others at Jewish Family Service or any agency that works to effect change in the lives of people in need.


Finally, engage in some thought-provoking conversation at the Seder table. Download a fifth question to add to your Seder. Or call us at 513-469-1188 and we will mail out a copy.


Together as a community, WE GIVE A...voice that speaks out against the social injustice of hunger and poverty.


the fifth question for your seder...

Why is this night different from all other nights?

On most other nights we have more light-hearted conversations about our family and friends. Why on this night do we discuss the lives of strangers?

As we are seated around our Seder table and feast on our holiday meal, we are grateful for all that we have. But we acknowledge that there areothers - too many others - in our community who find themselves seated at a different table. The Table of Hunger and Poverty.


May this be the year that we grow in our understanding and compassion. Let us give a

voice to those who are hungry and poor, and so often overlooked. Let us take a moment to

consider what it must feel like to be without sufficient, nutritious food, or to look into the eyes of hungry children and weakened elders. Let us recognize that it takes just one decision, one stroke of luck, one graceful nod from the universe to seat us at these different tables. Let us make a commitment to stand up against the Hunger and Poverty in our midst. Together, we really can make a difference.


In this coming year, may our actions take root so that Hunger and Poverty no longer have a placeat our Community’s table.