Youth and Family Services · 29. September 2019
On September 29, the Jewish High Holiday of Rosh Hashanah will commence at sundown, and while many households across Cincinnati will celebrate by attending services and partaking in family dinners, too many members of the Jewish community won’t have the means to enjoy a traditional, hot meal.

Jewish Family Service · 16. July 2019
Cincinnati, OH: A new women’s group, designed to empower women and their families who experience mental health issues, held their kick-off event on Tuesday, July 9th at the home of Arna Poupko Fisher.

Jewish Family Service · 26. June 2019
As a part of a three-year Strategic Planning process, Jewish Family Service recently sent out a community survey to gather input about areas of focus for the future. The community rose to the occasion and took time to both complete the survey and provide thoughtful and insightful answers. JFS is committed to keeping the community abreast of their progress and ideas for future directions.

Aging and Caregivers · 10. June 2019
It is well known that millions of older adults are financially exploited each year. In fact, reports from Bloomberg indicate that those over 60 in the US are losing $37 billion a year to fraud—and that is just what is reported. However, the impact goes far beyond the pocket book and affects the physical and emotional health of victims. Unfortunately, in approximately 60 percent of financial exploitations of older adults, the perpetrator is a family member.

Jewish Family Service · 06. May 2019
“As times change, communities change, and needs change,” said newly installed Board President Dan Rapp while discussing the need for strategic planning. He also acknowledged what remains constant is the professional expertise, dedication, and compassion of the Jewish Family Service staff who give their hearts and souls to help its clients.

Vital Support Services · 25. March 2019
How does your donation to the Dr. Samuel S. Rockwern Passover Delivery Project of Jewish Family Service impact our community? Here’s just one example:

Jewish Family Service · 14. February 2019
Jewish Family Service (JFS) is proud to announce the promotion of Linda Kean, former Director of Youth & Family Programming, to Vice President of Operations and Youth & Family Programming. In this role, she will lead agency-wide initiatives that will help improve operations while guiding JFS into a strong, successful future.

Russian Jewish Cultural Center · 16. January 2019
My grandmother, Esther, emigrated from Riga, Latvia as a small child. Her mother had passed away and half the children were sent to the United States and the other half to Israel. She was raised in New York by her grandmother who did not speak English.

Youth and Family Services · 01. August 2018
17-year-old Batiya Roth volunteered to be a Big with the Jewish Family Service Bigs & Littles youth mentoring program because she loved the idea of giving a young person the same kind of positive experience she had as a Little in the program.

Youth and Family Services · 22. February 2017
13 year-old Bryce Green carefully sorted the kid-friendly food that filled two large barrels into kosher and non-kosher piles. "Mom, I got this," he said looking at the food donations he collected as his Bar Mitzvah project to support Jewish Family Service Heldman Family Food Pantry. His mother, Jennifer Green, watched as Bryce taught her how to properly separate the items, just the way he did many times before.

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