Staff List

   Position  Name
  Chief Executive Officer Liz Vogel

Vice President, Operations/Youth & Family Programming

Director, Volunteer Programs


Linda Kean

Sherry Kaplan

  Information Technology Director Jim Meyer
  Office Manager Paula Tompkins
  Development Coordinator Michele Seligman
Aging and Caregiver Services

Vice President, Client Services

Ann Sutton Burke


Manager of Care Management & Counseling

Manager, Russian Jewish Cultural Center

Leslie Brody

Luda Gikhman

  Director, Resource Center

June Ridgway

  Director, Center for Holocaust Survivors

Gail Gepsman Ziegler


Adminstrative Specialist                                         

Operations Specialist


Aging Operations Specialist


Sarah Amor


Brittany Arling

Marliza Baines

  Geriatric Social Worker Kelly Bernstein

Geriatric Care Manager

Program Specialist

Pat Cohen

Edie Dine

  Database Management & Admin Support Michael Dine
  Geriatric Clinical Social Worker Karla Doerrer
  Geriatric Clinical Social Worker Cybele Elloian
  Geriatric Care Manager Laura Fabik
  Senior Geriatric Social Worker Leah Freed
  Care Manager Ludmila Goitman
  Social Work Counselor Tina Knaley
  Associate Care Manager Helen Makutonin

AgeWell Social Worker

Geriatric Care Manager


Katie Moore

Suzanne Schweiger

  Geriatric Care Manager Stephanie Siegrist
  JVS Counselor Ann Stromberg



Vital Services & Counseling


Director of Vital Services


Fran Gafvert

  Food Pantry and Volunteer Manager Jonathan Magrisso
  Activity Center Manager Lainey Dugan
  Administrative Assistant Jonathan Magrisso
  Care Manager  Christine McGee 
  Care Manager Debbie Zimmerman