Barbash Family Donates Brisket and Soup to Those in Need for the Holidays

The Jewish High Holiday of Rosh Hashanah commenced at sundown on September 29, and while many households across Cincinnati will celebrate by attending services and partaking in family dinners, too many members of the Jewish community won’t have the means to enjoy a traditional, hot meal. Jewish Family Service Barbash Family Vital Support Center has long been committed to providing many of the items typically enjoyed during the holidays. Pam Barbash and her family generously purchased and prepared brisket and matzo ball soup to feed 150 people. 

 “All year long, I look forward to getting this brisket!” exclaimed Miriam, as she reflected on the containers of delicious fare that had recently been delivered to her door. In preparation for the holiday, apples and honey were also provided. The food is distributed through the Jewish Family Service Heldman Family Food Pantry, which is open to the community five times each month. For homebound clients, such as Miriam, door-to-door delivery is also offered.


“It’s very thoughtful of her [Pam] to donate to the food pantry,” noted Cora, another homebound client. “And I’m always glad if there are leftovers, so I get to have more!” she added with a smile. 


2019 is not the first year Pam and her family have been so generous to the community. Indeed, the Barbash family annually makes this monumental effort, and has been doing so for many years. “No one should go hungry at any time of the year,” insists Pam, “and no one should miss out on the traditions of the High Holidays.”


In Hebrew, the word tzedakah literally means “righteousness,” while in Judaism, the term is more frequently translated as “giving back.” It is precisely this value of giving back that Pam hopes to instill in her children and grandchildren. With new generations of the Barbash family poised and ready to carry this tradition forward, Pam hopes they will all continue to learn invaluable lessons about giving back to their community.


Each and every year, Jewish Family Service Barbash Family Vital Support Center successfully provides the members of the Cincinnati Jewish community with the help and support they need. In so doing, they partner with community members, like Pam, to ensure that families in Jewish Cincinnati have their essential needs met during the holidays and throughout the year.